02-04-2002 Yes, I know you wouldn't believe it, but Patty is still alive, and, top of all, she is still crocheting! I beg you pardon for this loong silence; it is a long story to tell, but at last I am here again.
20-09-2000 Added 13 new patterns!
14-07-2000 Added 15 new diagrams to my Filet Diagrams sections
7-07-2000 Added 9 new patterns and 4 new stitches; the theme is "Vintage"...look at them! Added small Virtual Stores: Yarn, Thread, Hooks and Books . I nearly finished my Little Crochet Encyclopedia...stay tuned!
21-06-2000 Added other diagrams to my Filet Diagrams sections
14-06-2000 Added a primer on basic stitches in my Crochet Companion . Reserved to absolute beginners! Added other diagrams to my Filet Diagrams sections
05-06-2000 Lots of you continue to have problems in visualizing Javascript photo, so I added a "normal" link to each pattern.
02-06-2000 26 new patterns! And first additions to Crochet Companion, with a large collection of complex stitches! Let me know if you like the new arrivals!
18-05-2000 The problem with images and Netscape is really solved now ;Be sure Javascript is enabled on your browser (you can enable it from Preferences). If you have an old version of browser without Javascript Report me the images you want, and I will send them to you personally.
8-05-2000 Many of you reported a problem in opening images ; it seems that the script that opens the images was in conflict with Fortunecity banners. The problem should now be solved, anyway be sure Javascript is enabled on your browser. Report me any additional problems, and thank you for the feedback!
4-05-2000 The diagrams of filet items are online again, at last. Look at the patterns Tricyle Doily and Rose Runner!
3-05-2000 I added a lot of new patterns ! And a little reorganization; my squares are now quite a lot, so there is a section dedicated to them, Patty's Granny Square Collection
13-04-2000 I added an Alphabetic-Statistical Index of all my patterns and a voting form to each pattern: vote your favorite (or worst-for-you) pattern and I will add (or not) more patterns of that kind! And soon will start a little contest for you!
29-03-2000 I added a new Contact Sheet with a little survey; please help my work with your feedback!
27-01-2000 The site is online!
13-11-1999 At last my new site is ready! Lot of new patterns, an (incomplete) crochet companion, a page for communicate with me. I hope you enjoy my efforts!

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