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During my honored crocheter activity, I designed many items; unfortunately, I did not use to write down patterns, and I gave lot of these items as gift. So, this is an incomplete list, and I plan to add new patterns soon :)

Before listing the patterns, I wish to put some advises to whoever will use them:

1. Please, DO NOT distribute these patterns. They are here only for your personal use, so please put only the link to this address in your web pages, and please ask me before distributing hard copies!

2. I tried to verify each pattern with a sample (that is illustrated in images), but it is possible I made errors in writing them, so please if you find an error, let me know. Pardon my English and feel free to write me for correcting my grammar mistakes and/or asking clarifications about patterns!

3. The classification below is not "categorical" i.e. many motifs can be used as coaster/doilies and vice versa!

4. All the patterns are provided with photos; since there is not much space they are all low-resolution; furthermore, most of them are directly scanned on my home scanner, so pardon me for the poor quality. I put them on the site to give you an idea of what the pattern looks like, but I am sure your items will look much better.

5. The photo are implemented with a javascript that open the photo in a new window, enabling you to print the pattern; if you do not have Javascript, I added an alternative "normal" link to open the image.

6. If you appreciate the patterns, Buy from my sponsors or make a donation, you will help me a lot in affording site expenses!

Thread items are too much, now, so I splitted them in two: doily patterns and other thread patterns.



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Granny and Sample Squares



For a Grand Total of 198 patterns!!

If you want to see a categorized index of my patterns , go to this page!

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