Patty's Little Encyclopedia of Stitches

This page contains some stitches you can use to crochet your own design: shawls, potholders, towel topper, afghans, garments, all that items beautiful also if crocheted with a single stitch. For the sake of simplicity, I subdivided the stitches in "solid" and "open", first one being more suitable with yarns and firm items (like potholder or afghans), second ones devoted to laced items like shawls and garments. I included also a "multicolor" stitch section.


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Solid Stitches

1. Twin Stitch

2. Single Crossed Stitch

3. Double Crossed Stitch

4. Thick Stitch

5. Hen Paws Stitch

6. Moon Stitch

7. HedgeHog Stitch

8. Chains Stitch

9. Stacks

10. Myosotis

11. Shafts

12. Groups

13. Stone Stitch

Open Stitches

1. Squares

2. Bifore

3. Rhombs

4 Half Apples

5. Phoenix

6. Centipedes

7. Open Crowns

8. Loops in Shell

9. Balmoral

10. Chinese Lace

11. Queued Shells

Multicolor Stitches

1. 2-colors VStitch

2. 2-colors Popcorn

3. 2-colors Pied-de-Poule

4. 3-colors Columns


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