This section of my site is meant as a reference for novice and expert crocheter, with all the info you can need in crocheting, from the choice of yarn and hook to the help in following a pattern, to the tips for improve your masterpieces' beauty.

This is a very complex target, I know, and I know that many of these info are yet somewhere on the Internet, so I plead you to pardon me for two reasons:

  • If you have a reference page on your site, do not feel like I copied. All the info I put here are drawn from books, magazines, and personal experience. If you have reference info not listed in my site, let me know your address, and I will put a link to it on the "Internet reference" section of my FAQ.
  • If you feel something is missing from these pages, let me know what and I will be happy to put it (with your name, of course!) on my pages. Completeness is true only in Godel theorem... not in real life (and furthermore I am not a Turing machine!).

For the sake of simplicity, I subdivided the info in different pages and different forms:


Yarns and hooks Virtual Store (sponsored)
Translation of common terms in different languages
Patty's Little Dictionary of Crochet Items and Terms Image
Basic Stitches Image
Patty's Little Encyclopedia of Stitches
Filet Diagrams Encyclopedia Image
Patty's Little Crochet FAQ
Crochet books and leaflets (sponsored)


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