" inches
( instructions block) set of actions that generally are grouped, i.e. done in the same base stitch
* instructions block * set of instructions to be repeated a specified number of times
Approx. approximately
P picot
R. Row or Round
[ instructions block] set of instructions to be repeated the number of times specified after the brackets. Es. [sc in lp] 6t= repeat 6 times sc in lp= work 6 scs in lp
bk lp back loop
bl block or square or back loop
bp back post
ch chain stitch
cl cluster
cm centimeter(s)
dc double crochet
dec decrease
dir(s) direction(s)
dr draw (through)
dtr double treble
ea each
foll following
fp front post
ft feets
ft lp front loop
gm(s) gram(s)
gp group
grp group
hdc half-double crochet stitch
hk hook
in inches
inc increase
incl inclusive or including
inst instruction(s)
lp(s) loop(s)
mtpl(s) multiple(s)
oz ounces
pat st pattern stitch
pat(s) pattern(s)
pc picot
prev previous
rem remain or remaining
rep repeat
rnd(s) round(s)
rpt repeat
sc single crochet stitch
sk skip or skipped
skp skip or skipped
sl st slip stitch
sp(s) space(s)
st(s) stitch(es)
to thread over
tog together
tr treble (aka triple crochet stitch)
trtr triple treble
yo yarn over
slip stitch sl st
chain stitch ch
single crochet sc
half double crochet hdc
double crochet dc
treble stitch tr
double treble stitch dtr
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