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Comments: An easy small bag that will let you use a lot of yarn scraps, making happy that little child of your heart!

Size : 5 1/2 x 8 inches (14 x 20 cm) fringes excluded

Material :Scraps of Worsted Weight Yarn in many colors, hook 5 (US H);a iron-on velcro strip: you may want to give a look to my virtual store if you need materials.

Stitches :ch, sc

Difficulty: very easy


Start with 26 ch.

Work with sc rows for 16", changing color at ea row.

Fold the obtained rectangles in two. Join the lateral sides with sc stitches, inserting hk in both. Sew (or iron-on) a Velcro strip inside the opening. If you are a sewing expert, you can sew a zipper instead of Velcro.

Fringe: Cut many 4" strands of each color; helping with the hook, insert the strands in lateral scs and knots the in fringes. If necessary, clip to same lenght using scissors.


Work 3 chains, each about 30" long . Interweave the chains in a plait , make two little knots at the ends, sew the ends to the bag, in a hidden way. The handle should be long about 22" for a child.

If you want, linen the bag, then fix all the ends.


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