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Comments: Not fully in right season, sorry! But it is never too early to start thinking Xmas gift :)

Size :7" x74" (18 x 200 cm.)

Material : Worsted Weight Yarn color A=white, B=beige, C= brown, Hook no.4.5 (US=G/6)you may want to give a look to my virtual store if you need materials.

Stitches : sl st, sc, hdc, dc

Difficulty: easy



Start with A, 6 ch, join

1. (3 dc in sp, 3 ch) 4 times; join B with sl st to first st.

2. *(3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc) = corner in next sp, dc in next dc, sk 2 dc* .Repeat * to* 4 times; join C with sl st to first st.

3. *corner in corner sp, (dc in between next 2 dc) 3 times, 1 ch, (dc in between next 2 dc) 3 times* .Repeat * to* 4 times; Cut

Make 14 squares.


Using C, join the squares two af the time; put them back to back, the make sl st in ea st of a side, inserting hook in both squares. This will create a ridge effect on the front.


Join A in a corner of first square.

1. sc in ea st all around, crocheting 3 sc in corners. Join B

2. hdc in ea sc, making (hdc, 2 ch, hdc) in corner scs. Join C

3. hdc in ea hdc, making (2 hdc, 1 ch, 2 hdc) in corners sp. Join with a sl st in first hdc.

4. sc in ea sc, making 2 sc in corners sps. Cut, weave in all ends

Fringe (optional)

If you want to add a fringe to the scarf cut many strands of B and insert and knot them in shorter sides. Clip with scissors to same lenght.


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