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Comments: Very 'vintage' pattern, particularly because of the material used: common twine cord, that used for cooking. Cord is very hard to crochet (I ensure you will have some hand aches before finishing this bag!) and does not have a good smell, so wash the item gently before using it. But the results are really impressive, for strongness, rigidity and nice look. Give it a try!

Size : 10 x 13 inches (25 x 33 cm)

Material :About 300 grs of common cooking or packing cord,, hook 5 (US H), some scraps of Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn, color blue; 2 metal rings (those used for keys); you may want to give a look to my virtual store if you need materials.

Stitches :dc, sc, ch, dcl=2-dc cluster=crochet a dc not closed on first st, a dc not closed on second st, close the dc together

Difficulty: easy (if you do not fear hand ache)


Front and back (crochet 2 pieces)

Start with 45 ch.

1. sc in ea ch; 3 ch, turn

2. dc in ea sc; 3 ch, turn.

3. *dcl in next 2 dcs, 1 ch*; Repeat along the row. Cut cord, joining cotton yarn

4. 2 dc in ea dcl, skipping chs; 1 ch, turn

5. sc in ea dc. Cut yarn, join cord.

6.-7 dc in ea st; 3 ch, turn

8. *dcl in next 2 dcs, 1 ch*; Repeat along the row. 3 ch, turn

9. 2 dc in ea dcl;3 ch, turn

10-24 dc in ea dc; 3 ch, turn

At the end of Row 24 do not crochet the 3 chains, but cut yarn and fix end


Put back to front with right side together. join them with sl st, insering hook in both pieces. Turn the bag on right side


Insert rings in the corner stitches of opened side.Join cord to one of the ring with 4 sl st; turn, *sc in ea sl st,1 ch turn*; Repeat * to * until you reach the desired length (my sample has a 30" lenght), in the last row, crochet the scs inserting hook also in second ring ( pay attention that the tie is not turned). Cut, fix ends

Optional: you can put a piece of Velcro or a button to close the bag.


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