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Comments: This will be a well aprreciated Xmas gift for your baby girl or boy! My son uses it to bear his Picachu to school, for example....the bag uses scraps of yarn, so this is also an occasion to reduce our stash. The pattern is for a very small bag, but increasing the initial chains, yu can choose the size you like. If you want a less "showy" bag, you can crochet it with a single color, or with different gradations of the same color.

Size : 14 x 20 centimeters, (5x7 inches) fringes not included

Material : Worsted Weight Yarn, scraps of various colors, Hook no.4 (US=G/6), and hook no. 8 (US = L) for the ties, a piece of adhesive velcro for opening; you may want to give a look to my virtual store if you need materials.

Stitches :ch, sl st, sc, hdc

Difficulty: easy


Start with 27 ch

1. 2 ch , hdc in third ch and every other ch; change color

2. 2 ch, hdc in ea hdc; change color

3-30. Repeat second row. At the end of row 30, make a sc border all around. Cut yarn, weave in all ends.

Fold the rectangle in two and sew the shor sides on back. If you really do not like to sew, you can sc crochet on the front the short sides, taking both sides with hk. Sew, or iron, velcro strap on the opening, on the back.


Make many fringes in many colours in this way: cut 8" long pieces of yarn, bend them in two parts, clamp them to the short sides with hook, in spaces between sewing stitches (if you sewed them) or in sc (if you used sc border).


With the big hook, make a chain using 3-4 strands of yarn together, 22 inches long. Fix the tie to the bag, sewing it at the sides of velcro.


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