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Comments: A nice and fashionable small bag that will make your girls happy. Warning, sewing knowledge is required (e.g, for inserting zipper); if you really hate sewing and you want to try this pattern anyway, you can substitute the zipper with a Velcro strip, but do not expect nice results ( I tried it!).The stitch is easy, when you will be a little bit used to it, and a particolarity of the bag is that it is folded vertically instead that in the direction of the stitch.

Size : 5 x 6 inches (13 x 16 cm)

Material : a thick thread, like that used to crochet bikinis or tops, color gray, hook 2 (US steel 4); a piece of fabric for lining, a 6" zip fastener in a appropriate color : you may want to give a look to my virtual store if you need materials.

Stitches :dc, sc, ch, Half Star Stitch

Half Star Stitch:

1. sc in 2nd ch and ea other ch, 3 ch, turn

2. yo, insert hk in 3rd ch, draw a lp, yo, insert hk in next sc, yo, draw a lp, yo, draw 5 lps, 1 ch, *insert hook in stitch just done, draw a lp, inser hk in next sc, yo, draw a lp, yo, draw 5 lps, 1 ch* ; Repeat * to *, 1 ch, turn.

3.*sc in next ch sp*; Repeat * to *, 3 ch, turn.

Repeat Rows 2-3.

Difficulty: medium (a medium experience in sewing is required, if you want the bag has a good appearance!)


Start with 36 ch.

1-57 Work in Half Star Stitch for 56 Rows (12 inches)

Make a sc border all around, making 3 sc in corners .

Fold the rectangles in two on the vertical side and sew 2 sides on back.

Linen the bag and sew the zip on the top, leaving the sc border free.

Make an edging on the top with two other rows of sk all around the top (in this way the zip will be hidden)


Join with a sc in a top corner, make a 35" long chain, sl st on the other corner on top, 1 ch, turn, sc on ea ch, join in first sc.

Fix all ends, block the bag.


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