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Like the title suggests, this is only the n-th version of the flower well known to crocheter community of course, there are not so many ways of doing a pansy, so I apologize in advance if the pattern has been yet written and/or published elsewhere: this is REALLY a coincidence! I designed and crocheted a pansy doily some time ago using this pattern, but the doily is now my MIL's property and I do not remember the center doily pattern .... so this will be a new WIP, someday :) The pansy was originally crocheted with 2 colors, yellow for the first row and variegated purple for the second one ... but I had a lot of that orange thread to use for my pattern samples!

Size : 4.5 cm (about 1.5 inches) diameter

Material : Pearl cotton # 5, hook 1.9 mm (Boye steel #5) you can substitute with Cebelia #10 or equivalent cordonnet thread (but the gauge can slightly vary)

Stitches : ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr

Difficulty: easy


Start with 7 ch join with sl st.

1. * sc, 3 ch, 2 dc, 3 ch * Repeat from * to * 4 times more; join with sl st in first st.

2. * sc on sc, (hdc, dc, 5 tr) in next 3 ch sp, ( 3 tr in next dc) twice, (5 tr, dc, hdc) in next 3 ch sp *, big petal done ;Repeat * to * once again § sc on next sc, (sc, hdc, 6 dc) in next 3 ch sp, (2 dc on next dc) twice, (6 dc, hdc, sc) in next 3 ch sp § small petal done Repeat § to § twice again ;join with sl st to first sc; cut thread.


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