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Comments: This bookmark is crocheted with a thin thread, it is a little bit complicated, but the results are wortwhile.

Size : 4 cm (1.5 inches) x 16.5cm (6.5 inches) fringe not included.

Material : perle' thread no. 16 (Cebelia 30 should be a good substitute), hook 0.9 mm (American #12)

Difficulty: medium/difficult

Stitches: ch, sc, dc, shell= (dc, 2 ch, dc) in same st, pea stitch


Start with 19 ch.

1. 1 ch,sc in ea ch, turn

2.3 ch, pea in first st, 1 ch, *sk 2 st, shell in next sc, sk 2 st, pea in next st, 1 ch* 2 times; Finish : sk 2 st, sh in next st, dc in last st;

3. 3 ch, turn;*pea in 2-ch sp, sh under the 1-ch sp after next pea* Repeat, finish with a dc in 3 ch initial sp in previous row

4-40. Repeat row 3;

41. Sc in ea ch sc in ea pea. Do not cut thread, but proceed with edging.

Edge: Vertical side 1:* a pea in ea dc row sp, 3 ch*

Horizontal side 1: 3 sc in firs sc, sc in ea sc, 3 sc in last sc

Vertical Side 2: like Vertical Side 1. sl st in first sc of Horizontal side 2, 25 ch, sl st in last sc of Horizontal side 2, turn, sc in ea sc, join in sl st; cut thread.

Fringe (optional): Using a 6" cardboard piece, wrap thread 30 times around cardboard. cut thread on a side of cardboard, and distribute the 40 strands in the 25-ch loop (look at Photo if confused). Wrap a thread piece 5 times around tassel, knot and cut.

(yo, insert hook in st, yo, draw through a lp) 4 times, yo, draw through 9 lps on hook.


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