Xmas Star

Granny Square

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Alternative square with different colors (JPEG, 24k);


Comments: Christmas Square in Italian is not a star, but the name for poinsettia. The version 2, in 'non-glittering' colors, shows it's a nice square also in non holiday occasions!

Size: 15 1/2 cm = 6 inches

Material: Worsted Weight Yarn, colors A=Red B=Sparkle Green, C=Variegated, Hook no.4 (US=G/6)

Alternative: A=Red, B=Beige, C=Light Green

Stitches: ch, sl st, sc, dc, tr, elongated tr= etr, Petal, Initial Petal

Difficulty medium


Start with 6 ch, join in first ch.

1. Initial Petal, 4 ch, * Petal, 4 ch*; Repeat * to * 7 times; join in initial st. Cut A

2. join B in a 4-ch lp. Initial petal, 4 ch, petal in lp, * 4 etr in next sp, 4 ch, (petal, 4 ch, petal) in next sp*; Repeat * to * times; 4 ch 4 etr in next sp, 4 ch, join in initial st. Cut B

3.Join C in a corner sp, *etr corner in sp, 4 ch, 4 tr in next sp, (tr on next tr ) 4 t , 4 tr in next sp, 4 ch *Repeat * to * 4 times ; join A in initial st.

4. with A, sc in ea. tr, making 4 sc in ea. 4 ch sp. Cut yarn, weave in ends.


( yo 2 t, insert hook, draw yarn, yo, draw 1, yo, draw 2 lp, yo, draw 2 lp) 3 times, you, draw through 4 lp



4 ch, ( yo 2 t, insert hook, draw yarn, yo, draw 1, yo, draw 2 lp, yo, draw 2 lp) twice, you, draw through 3 lp



yo twice, insert hk, draw through, you, draw 1, yo, draw 2, yo, draw 2 remaining lp


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